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Strengthen Trading Partner Network

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) forms the core of transactions between businesses and their partners. However, many businesses still work with traditional EDI platforms that are susceptible to performance and communication challenges and disruptions across the supply chain. Managing and maintaining legacy EDI platforms also means higher cost to the company.

Times have necessitated the need for EDI to be completely modernized. You can easily modernize your B2B/EDI management platform with Boomi. It ensures that your supply chain operations and partner networking and interactions stay up to date with changing times, thus optimizing your business. Boomi improves your capability to quickly on-board trading partners and gain speedier time-to-market.

Simplify EDI Development and Management

Jade Global’s B2B EDI Integration Software & Services and proven expertise and competence in applying Boomi’s low code development solution, enables companies to manage B2B integrations, EDI partner onboarding, and integrate EDI with zero glitches.


Attain end-to-end Data Visibility

Boomi for Integration and EDI improves all your transactional processes that punctuate your supply chain, that includes processing orders, payments and achieving accurate reporting capabilities all in one platform. Boomi easily manages B2B integrations, incorporates EDI with enterprise’s existing processes and legacy applications and breaks down data silos.

Overturn Risks

When dealing with partners digitally, security risks are at an all-time high. Whether documents or exchange of invaluable information, your system must have a fortified security in place. Boomi AtomSphere has a three-tiered, full-stacked security framework, for both your on-premise and cloud systems, and slashes your company’s corporate risk exposure.

Choose Jade Global’s Integration Expertise and Boomi Partner Capabilities

With Jade Global as your Boomi Elite Partner, you can now modernize your business with Boomi’s state-of-the-art intelligent cloud application platform as a service, iPaaS and leverage Boomi EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) Integration.

Jade Global powers the Boomi B2B/EDI platform to help companies by developing agile EDI solutions. This means better collaboration with trading partners, faster work completion by speeding up logistics timelines and averting manual errors from B2B communication automation.

  • Integrating Boomi B2B/EDI with significant cost savings
  • Creating a unified ecosystem for better EDI transactional visibility
  • Making your business agile and scalable for high EDI Volumes
  • Supporting onboarding multiple trading partners and partners using a diverse range of EDI standards

Jade Global allows you to get the best ROI on your EDI investments. And since your business transactions with your partners are transparent, you achieve better and more effective interaction.

Our acumen in conjunction with Boomi EDI Services using a low code innovative cloud-native platform, carries amplified value, lower TCO and more satisfying results aligned with their businesses for our clients.

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Boomi ROI

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Flexport needed a partner to help scale our ability to rapidly integrate with our clients in a cost effective way. We found an excellent partner in Jade Global! In the short course of less than a year, we have been able to move 100% of the technical delivery of our standardized integrations offshore with Jade, allowing our employees to focus on the more complex bespoke integrations. Our broader team has been very appreciative of the contributions of the Jade team! They have proven to be motivated, hard working and have the desire to learn and take on more responsibilities. We are planning to continue to expand the scope and responsibility of this team.

Nitin Goel Head of Flexport Ecosystem

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