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Enabling Fully Automated Enterprise through Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

As per a recent survey by The Economist, 84% of respondents feel that C-Suite execs must seek automation opportunities for their organization.

Jade Global fundamentally understands that enterprises are under pressure to increase their revenue, reduce cost, improve customer services while at the same time ensuring compliance and security. Jade global helps you gain the benefits of Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence to overcome these challenges.

We deliver Robotic Process Automation solutions that can provide a comprehensive, integrated mechanism to achieve your business goals. We help eliminate redundant processes by efficiently automating your services, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to streamline operations, and making work seamless & faster.

Challenges New Age Intelligent Automation Can Solve:

In business, the challenge of keeping up with the competition is an ongoing concern. One way to do this is through innovation and research that improves a company's product by making it better and more efficient. However, as the demand for a business' product or service increases, so does the need for a more robust workforce. This can be achieved by automating some of the most mundane tasks within the business.

We spend more than a billion hours a year keying and rekeying data, and it's slowing us down. Why? Because we're relying on technology that was built for the last century. But most enterprises are using outdated manual processes that create inefficiencies, lost or duplicated data, errors, cost overruns, slow delivery times, and increased customer churn.

Manual document processing creates silos of information throughout organizations and inhibits their ability to efficiently deliver new products and services to market. In fact, lack of programmatic access to documents is one of the top five challenges facing information workers today. At the same time, manually processing invoices and paying suppliers comes at a cost for both the company and the individual. Time is wasted every month as staff input data into the system, then check and correct errors and then wait for payments to be confirmed. Meanwhile, front-line staff are not always able to focus on their core responsibilities. The manual nature of processes such as on-boarding, and due diligence checks, which are at the core of onboarding and financial services, contributes to several challenges across the business spectrum.

AI RPA is the next evolutionary step in digital transformation and the onus of launching the new digital workforce into this new automation charged ecosystem falls on C-level executives, the guardians of this change.

Jade Global helps this community of executives better manage organizations, reduce manual processes, increase efficiency and consistency in business processes, and improve employee productivity. Our clients leverage our services to manage complex processes with simple business rules across the enterprise—including finance, sales, IT operations, customer services, HR processes, and manufacturing.

Revolutionize the Way your Business Works with Automation with Jade Global:

Developments in information technology, business process automation and machine learning coupled with transactional complexity have created new opportunities for organisations to develop innovative solutions that can deliver quality results at lower costs and have your human workforce dedicated to delivering high value tasks

Jade Global delivers expert consulting services to help you design and deploy transformative projects across your enterprise. We have embraced AI and automation as critical tools to enable business transformation. From improving customer experience and operations efficiency to increasing the agility, acumen, and innovativeness of your organization, we are ready to start working with you now. We provide full-spectrum insights and help you from strategy to applications development.

Bring our Strategic Differentiation to Your Automation Plan:

Build smart workflows that are designed to streamline existing business processes across departments with our expertise from multiple industries, along with cutting-edge technology:

Our Expertise:

Jade Global brings you a full-cycle AI RPA Services that allows you to experience the advantage of an intelligent workforce, without the hassle of having to hire and manage them. Our RPA & Cognitive approach is backed by our RPA experts. Our enterprise-grade digital solutions are built with "agile by design," resulting in faster automation, greater scalability, cost effectiveness and enterprise-wide deployment, that allows you to free up your staff from manual tasks and focus on more strategic contribution.

  • Accredited UiPath & Automation Anywhere Certified resources
  • Global clientele leveraging our cognitive, AI/ML, and RPA solutions to improve their business operations across Healthcare, Hi-tech, Energy, Finance, etc. industries.
  • Well established framework with re-usable assets/accelerators
  • Depth and proven expertise applying technologies like Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, and Workday
  • 30% faster deployment and delivery
  • 100% client retention
  • 99% referenceable clients

UiPath and Automation Anywhere are widely accepted technology for automation by enterprises. Jade Global is capable to deliver any kind of engagement through its experience on these technologies and solid certified resource base with right skills.

Kanverse is Jade Global’s own IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) tool that can add flavour of cognitive capabilities on top of UiPath and Automation Anywhere for use cases like AP Invoice, Insurance claim process etc achieving 70%+ document data extraction correctly first time.

End-to-End Intelligent Automation for Your Enterprise:

Our cutting-edge, intelligent automation platform transforms you into a world-class player in IoT, AI, NLP filling your tech stack to take on any global competitors in your industry.

Jade Global delivers end-to-end Intelligent Automation services to help the enterprise usher in a new era of productivity, profitability, and compliance enabled by one of the industry's most comprehensive portfolios of Intelligent Automation (IA), Chatbots and Virtual Assistants, Intelligent Document Processing, AP Invoice Automation, Test Automation and more.

Accelerators and Technology Solutions:

Jade Global brings an unparalleled breadth of proven, modern approaches to the New IT opportunity. We are enabling our customers to leverage the value of their data beyond the confines of their enterprise. Jade Global accelerates business transformation with a truly automated Enterprise, built on a powerful best-of-breed set of solutions that deliver proven performance and efficiency gains, as well as strategic differentiation.

Our Accelerators and Solutions will help you reduce downtime, improve reliability and availability, simplify management and operations, expose the true cost of IT services, support enterprise-wide consolidation projects, and measure & automate business processes across heterogeneous systems.

Service Offerings

RPA Advisory
Advisory Services

With extensive industry exposure to top clients, our expertise and agile methodology help in executing the right automation program.

Managed Robot Operation (MRO)

Our MRO Services include bot, scripting, DevOps & deployment support, and L1 & L2 support with minor enhancements.

Implementation Services
Implementation Services

We help you align and realize business value with the right AI model, continuous delivery of best RPA practices.

Oracle Cloud Implementation Services
CoE Services

Jade Global's methodology driven CoE Services will help you design and set up AI RPA, identify areas of skill gaps and build a path for AI adoption.


(We) are happy to recommend Jade global for the high-quality services they provided during our ERP cloud implementation. Jade Global helped us implement Oracle Cloud ERP finance, procurement, and supply chain processes for multiple international entities. They also helped us automate the patch testing. We are delighted with the Jade team's commitment, implementation approach and solution, and project management. Jade Global is also supporting our applications for the last 2 years and delivered many improvements in the system. Therefore, we recommend Jade Global for your Oracle Cloud ERP implementation.

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