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Leverage integration infused capabilities by Jade Global

In today’s hybrid IT environments, that comprise an assortment both of cloud and on-premise applications, integration becomes a key differentiator for your software company and a competitive advantage that can drive your growth. Moreover, these integration capabilities within business products are germane to business success.

These are some of the challenges businesses face with their own developed application or software product:

  • Absence of templatized connectors/plug and play solutions to connect with your customers’ applications
  • Lack of self-enablement due to custom coding to connect the product with other applications
  • Difficulty integrating with product/software application resulting in losing clientele
  • Inability to onboard new customers faster
  • Inconsistent and inefficient exchange of data resulting from dependency on manual processes
  • Customers unable to find value of your product/software application across their ecosystem

Jade global helps you power your business by leveraging the full potential of your products, which is possible through strong integration capabilities and robust data integrations. We help deliver to customers the Boomi- vantage so their businesses can support this much-needed co-existence of different applications, systems, and data.

Here’s how you can accelerate business outcomes using integration capable products facilitated by Boomi and get the following benefits:

  • Easy to build integration templates that enrich your product
  • Deliver enhanced user experience to your customer with integrations from anywhere, to anywhere
  • Facilitate integrations and make them work through customizations, and out-of-the-box capabilities
  • Increase sales, renewals and revenue
  • Onboard new customers faster and with ease
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Extend application value across customer ecosystems


Use Cases

Financial Services
  • Self-service integration through state-of-the-art Admin UI enables your Customer to integrate their Enterprise System with your systems to exchange Tax, Accounting, Fixed Asset or other financial information for various services offered by you.
  • Allows your external Agencies or Partners to integrate in no-time with your core banking systems or financial leasing system to automate the processing of various requests or send data like loan processing, collection data etc.
  • Without getting into technical complexity, your partners are enabled to integrate with your core systems in real time bookings, exchange of payment information and settlement, extending rewards to members and more.
  • Through self-enabled integration capabilities, productize your chat-bot solution by allowing your customers to directly integrate with their back-end systems like CRM, ERP, CIM, Billing, HCM etc.

Furthermore, Jade Global’s RPA-AI Solution can be combined with this Productized Integration Solution to automate a diverse range of business processes across industries-

  • HR- Automated screening of the profile from the sourcing partner, automated processing of document receivable from candidate etc.
  • Finance- Automated processing accounts payable, account receivable, invoices etc.
  • Procurement- Automated PO generation, automated processes of bidding document etc.
  • Customer Service- Enablement of BOT services.
  • Or, the entire workflow across your enterprise can be automated in a standardized manner.

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