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Supercharge your Agent Productivity for Great Customer Experiences with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Supercharge your Agent Productivity for Great Customer Experiences with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Rajaraman Anandha Krishnan
January 28, 2022

Creating a ‘wow’ experience over the phone is hard, but Salesforce Service Cloud Voice is doing it differently, turning every voice call into an opportunity to create an amazing customer experience.

Most service professionals (76%) prefer customer service voice channels for complex cases, too, according to Salesforce’s State of Service report.

Have you ever thought about how the voice of the customer can impact the way your agents solve cases? Wouldn’t it be nice to have more insights into what happens during a customer phone call?

Imagine a world where all your support agents have a single view of the complete customer and case history - not just what's in their inbox. Imagine a world where each agent can communicate with the customer on their preferred channel, using data-driven insights to drive rich conversations that reduce what we call "touching" (i.e., calling back customers for things that could be solved in advance).

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice is an intelligent platform that analyzes conversations and automatically provides insights into your service organization. The platform is designed to offer businesses with a modern telephony solution that helps agents deliver an incredible customer experience while reducing costs.

Service Cloud Voice delivers these benefits by bringing together Salesforce Customer Service and Salesforce Service Cloud into an innovative, omni-channel platform.

Service Cloud Voice is the simple, smart way to bring your business together around customer interactions. It’s a purpose-built solution for call centre management that combines multi-channel integration, powerful insights and predictive analytics with a modern agent console.

Tackling the Challenges of Digital Customer Experiences

The new Service Cloud tackles some of the biggest challenges facing employees in every company, from SMB to enterprise. How to help customers now and from anywhere; how to keep customers better informed about their own service experience; how to reduce contact center costs and increase agent productivity.

The next generation of Service Cloud is designed to help companies deliver the best possible customer experience when and where customers need it. It’s built with a digital first approach based on three main pillars: connected service centers, intelligent automation, and innovative employee collaboration.

Service Cloud is being enhanced with several new capabilities including:

New Digital Workplace: A new digital workplace powered by Salesforce provides agents with anytime, anywhere access on any device so they can deliver the best customer experience. This digital workplace enables companies to provide exceptional customer service while reducing costs.

Ticketless Control Center: A single view into customers’ service experiences lets companies empower their teams to make smarter decisions in real time and personalize interactions with customers. By leveraging historical data, organizations can predict what customers need before they even ask.

CX Platform: A common platform brings together all of the tools agents need for more efficient case management — helping them solve more cases faster with less effort for an improved customer experience.

Get the Voice-Advantage:

A single platform for voice and digital service requests

Easily connect face-to-face by voice. Service Cloud Voice leverages the context of your customer’s issues and prior interactions, ensuring callers move through self-service, to chat, to support tickets without starting at square one for each interaction. Service Cloud Voice gives companies the flexibility to deploy a single solution that supports an integrated agent and digital experience.

Connected to your customer relationship management (CRM)

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice lets you provide a personalized experience to your customers using the CRM. When a customer calls to resolve a problem or make an inquiry, the agent has all the right information at their fingertips because of the tight integration between your CRM and Service Cloud.

How Salesforce Service Cloud Voice can Supercharge Agent Productivity and Provide Excellent Customer Service

Supercharging agent productivity

Turn your agents into experts on the fly, increase case resolution rates, and prioritize customer satisfaction across every channel. Service Cloud Voice supercharges agent productivity with AI-driven automated assistants, real-time call transcription and speech recognition and natural language generation.

Measuring agent performance

Cloud telephony can be used to record call data and streamline the performance management process. Using an integrated CRM like Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, supervisors and managers can quickly assess agent performance to help ensure top-notch service across the board.

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to resolve customer issues quickly and easily. Jade Global’s Webinar, “How Salesforce Service Cloud can Voice Supercharge Agent Productivity and Provide Excellent Customer Service” on 23 February 2022, Wednesday, from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM PST, helps you expand your knowledge about the features of Salesforce, and how it can help businesses reduce costs and improve their service.

“What we can see from this webinar is that it will enable companies to engage Service Cloud Voice effectively to make all their customer interactions personalized, easier and productive. It has a lot of benefits for the service organization and is going to be a game-changer for the customers as well”, explains Rajaraman Anandha Krishnan, who will be the speaker at the Webinar.

About the Author

Rajaraman Anandha Krishnan, Senior Manager, Client Services, and Solution Architect, CRM, Jade Global Ontario, Canada

Raj is a Senior manager – Client services and Solution architect at Jade Global. He is part of Jade Global’s CRM service line supporting various enterprise projects in discovery, implementation and delivery and works closely with the leadership team in practice development.

Raj has extensive experience and has worked across multiple geographies in North America (US and Canada), India and Australia, designing and architecting Salesforce solutions to cater to various industry verticals including Insurance, Retail, Medical Devices, Life science and Health care. He is a firm believer in learning something new every day and has been a Salesforce trailhead advocate for anyone looking to hop into the Salesforce ecosystem.

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